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Liza Abrams Wisk

Director, Business Development
New York

Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.
Gloria Steinem

3 Things to Know About Me

“My first word was “more.” It's still a favorite! More business, more learning, more creativity, more innovation, more criticism, more good work... gimme more!

I have worked across a vast and diverse set of categories including tech, automotive, aviation, food & beverage, spirits, big-box retail, luxury, CSR, beauty, male grooming, tourism, shared-economy, financial services, healthcare and more. I don't have a favorite; I love it all.

I started riding horses when I was two years old; my aunt founded a therapeutic horseback riding program called Lovelane. The most impactful part of the experience was growing up around kids with special needs. Humbling, inspiring and full of life, Lovelane helped shape the way I see the world. I hope to one day become a certified therapeutic instructor.