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The Loop Vol. 1 No. 23
Gatorade, Delta Airlines, Jerry Seinfeld and more!


Walking (and running and kickboxing) on Water

Gatorade social media image

Gatorade, the beverage favored by athletes and the hungover alike, has launched a new drink called G Active Water – essentially, water with bonus electrolytes that replenishes what you lose while exercising. Bringing these benefits to life, the brand created an incredible 3-D water installation, the first-ever human figure made from 100% liquid.  They used a rain machine (which was rigged to look like G Water was flowing through it) to create a moving image using water droplets in the shape of a person performing athletic stunts – all with no use of CGI. The campaign was simple in theory, but it demonstrated that, even in a flooded market, making a bold statement with an engaging and eye-catching installation can set a brand apart from the crowd. Honestly, words cannot justify how technologically awesome this activation is: GO WATCH!


Vice + Delta’s new events series takes off

Vice and Delta Airlines social media image

And all the techies say they’re pretty fly for an airline. Delta wants to bring cool back into air travel by creating a ‘festival of inspiration’, in partnership with Vice Media, celebrating things that ‘take you places’ – such as food, music and film. Delta Launchpad is an entrepreneur-geared series of free public events in Los Angeles, New York and Seattle paired with a collection video content geared towards young hustlers and Vice’s “cooler than most” audience.  It has no doubt been a turbulent year for airlines in general, with faith in their humanity at an all time low. So we like where your head’s at, Delta  - even though it may be a distraction from the REAL problems facing the industry, the extra feel-good effort can certainly only help. Read more...



Jerry </3 Ke$ha

Jerry Seinfeld and Keisha social media image

Ke$ha can’t catch a break these days, can she? On the red carpet for David Lynch Foundation's National Night of Laughter and Song in D.C. last week, Jerry Seinfeld pulled a Mariah and (pretended he) didn’t know who Ke$ha was. She asked for a hug, which he refused - three times, to be exact – before she walked away looking completely defeated.  It was so incredibly cringe inducing, we urge you to watch at your own risk.  #NoHugsForYou Read more...


Quench Your Instagram Thirst

Instagram social media image

Since the dawn of the internet, people have been finding artificial ways to make themselves look more popular online. That thirst for Instagram fame is particularly strong in Russia – so strong that a vending machine has popped up in Moscow that allows consumers to purchase fake likes and followers on Instagram. The device offers 100 fake likes for around $/£1 and a whopping 150,000 followers for the low low price of $850 / £650. It really showcases the lengths many people will go in the pursuit of fame, while marking a new low for capitalism. On that note…be sure to follow @DeVriesGlobal on Instagram and of course give a few ‘likes’ while you’re there. Read more...



'Despicable Me 3' taps 23andMe

Minions social media image

Perhaps this doesn’t scream ‘weird’ as much as it does “WHAAAAT?” (in minion voice, of course). Admittedly, this partnership is pretty genius, but I digress… In their first ever movie partnership, 23andMe has joined forces with the Despicable Me to help promote the marketing powerhouse’s 3rd film installment coming later this year. The duo created a 60-second ad, featuring the film’s star Gru - an evil scientist with impossibly comical body proportions - titled "Genetically Me".  It features the supervillain finding family through the results of his DNA analysis, playing off the plot of the actual film, and directs viewers to a special section on 23andMe's site to explore the character's results. He's 84% European as well as a light sleeper, if you’re curious! Read more...


Free Beer For All!

Free beer for all social media image

BrewDog has finally discovered the key to getting people to vote: free beer. The Scottish brewer is known throughout the UK for their outlandish marketing campaigns, from parachuting taxidermy ‘fat cats’ – felines donning waistcoats and monocles – from a helicopter over London, to spoofing the iconic Guinness ‘Surfer’ ad with a pantomime horse. Here, in their attempt to encourage voting in the UK, the brand has launched their own alternative election poll, which rewards voters with – you guessed it - free beer! The simple mechanic required voters to take a photo outside of a poll station and present it at one of their bars to claim the reward. This campaign unfortunately closed with the polls last week – so now we wait to see which got the biggest bump: the polls, or lager sales. Read more...



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