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Beats by Dre

Turning Up the Volume on Beats by Dre as a Movement

The Challenge

Dre and Jimmy Iovine were distressed to hear that an entire generation ‎wasn't hearing music the way the artist intended. ‎Beats wanted to restore emotion to sound for a European audience.

Our Approach

Music was an obvious, cluttered play.‎ Athletes were an untapped community that needed headphones for focus and muscle memory.

The best PR agency I have ever worked with.
Emily Kortlang
Senior Marketing Manager EMEA
54 %
of headphone market achieved

The Results

We created desire among the elite by creating cultural gifting 'moments' for them to receive products. London 2012 became a pinnacle by tapping into patriotism and asking athletes ‎and consumers to #showyourcolour. ‎Beats became a movement, and the most talked about brand despite no official sponsorships. Even without above-the-line support in Europe for many years, we achieved 54% of the headphone market.