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Creating Social Relevance Among Brand Loyalists



The Challenge

When the Gain brand embarked on its biggest product launch ever – the introduction of Gain Flings!, a single-use detergent packet – we were tasked with convincing Gain’s dedicated fan base to trade up from their beloved liquid form.

Our Approach

A first-of-its-kind scientific study linked the scent of Gain to the joy inspired by listening to your favorite music and set a credible foundation for the “Music to Your Nose” marketing campaign. On Grammy weekend, we hosted an album-launch inspired party.  It stopped media in their tracks and forced them to take notice of Gain’s newest offering. Supported by a breakthrough social media campaign, we were not only able to capture key media attention but we also broadened the brand’s reach – ultimately driving trial of the new product.

DeVries was able to make Gain stand out in the laundry detergent category. We were able to break the mold of detergent brands through the innovative approach we took with claims, talent partnerships and platforms. We needed to make a splash at launch and not be conservative. DeVries pushed us to areas the brand had never explored.
850 M
Earned media impressions
96 M
Social media impressions
72 %
Of sales goal achieved

The Results

Our unique, disruptive approach turned the launch of an everyday household product into a buzzed-about Grammy-worthy launch, generating 850 million earned media impressions. It drove the highest levels of engagement the brand’s social channels had ever seen with more than 96 million social media impressions during Grammy Night alone. P&G saw a significant sales change as a result, hitting 72% of their sales goal and far surpassing both brand and retail expectations. That’s what we call impact. And an Imprint.