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The Loop Vol. 1 No. 26
Coke, Kardashians, Dove Baby and more!


Confused by 'Game of Thrones'? This Chatbot Will Answer Your Questions

Confused by 'Game of Thrones'? This Chatbot Will Answer Your Questions

Winter is here, folks! If you’re not a die-hard GoT fan (like the rest of the world) you probably still know that the show’s 7th season premiered last night. Don’t worry; we’re not here to reveal spoilers, but to tell you about the chatbot to end all chatbots. Forgot if Jon Snow is actually alive, or the names of Daenerys’ dragons? The GoT chatbot will help you navigate the show’s numerous characters and plotlines with ease, and is ready with answers to your questions 24/7. There's also that handy "Dead or Alive" feature for keeping count of the death toll. So, go ahead and try it out – especially if you need a refresh before back diving into the new season. Read more...


Share a Coke 2.0

Share a Coke 2.0

Approaching its sixth year, the classic “Share a Coke” campaign has evolved over time, from bottle labels featuring people’s names to song lyrics, movie quotes, and even an Olympics’ themed campaign. And it has been especially successful among Chinese teenagers, tapping into simple things they love and making Coke the age group’s second favorite soft drink. This year's campaign will roll out the “Code Bottle”, using codes and symbols to bring the digital world these teens are obsessed with into reality. The labels will include codes like 521 and 88 on physical bottles, usually reserved for online use by Chinese youths to say ‘I love you’ and ‘good luck’ but now available for exchange IRL. Hopefully, we'll see these lines between digital and real life behaviors continue to blur, led by more integrated campaigns and thanks to advancements of AI, AR, and VR (then the rise of Skynet and the Terminator and so on). Read more...



The Fall Of a Mighty Kardashian Empire?

The Fall Of a Mighty Kardashian Empire?

Last week, the two youngest Kardashian sisters unveiled a new T-shirt collection featuring handpicked vintage band shirts with their initials and faces plastered all over. Basically, they superimposed their faces or “K K” over fallen, iconic musicians such as Biggie and lead Doors frontman Jim Morrison. The people of Twitter were immediately unimpressed, calling their “fashion” disrespectful to musicians who’ve actually earned their credibility. And the musicians’ estates were even more PO’d, with Biggie’s mother calling the pair out for exploiting her late son. Now, The (remaining) Doors have lawyered up and issued a cease and desist, which magically caused all these T-shirts to disappear from their online shop. How convenient. First Rob and Chyna, and now Kendall and Kylie…are we beginning to see the fall of the Kardashian-Jenner Empire for real? Read more...


Baby Dove pulls ad after complaints

Baby Dove pulls ad after complaints

We at The Loop are here to keep you abreast of the world’s hottest issues, and this story is no exception. Unilever recently pulled a Baby Dove ad in the UK, depicting a woman breastfeeding her child and claiming that, "75% say breastfeeding in public is fine. 25% say put them away. What's your way?" The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received 378 complaints about the print campaign, making it the sixth most complained-about campaign in the last year. Interestingly, outrage over the ad (which was mainly vocalized on Baby Dove’s Facebook page) stemmed not from the breast visual but of the accompanying statistic. Women, especially those who regularly breastfeed their children in public, said that shedding such light on the topic “undermines breastfeeding and suggests it’s a topic for public comment” – something we’re almost used to in the US, but not in the UK. Comments also asked why the brand even addressed the issue in the first place, as their products have nothing to do with breastfeeding. Dove, while we admire your efforts to #FreeTheNipple, perhaps it’s safer to just stay in your lane. Read more...



Hold The Door And Give Us The Chicken!

Hold The Door And Give Us The Chicken! ?

As we continue our campaign #GiveTheLoopPopcornChickenForLife, we’ve found even more weird news from KFC. KFC UK has recruited Hodor (Kristian Nairn) from Game of Thrones to bolster their seemingly never-ending weird adverts. Please beware, spoilers ahead for season 6 of GoT…. In a nutshell (because we do hope you’ll watch for yourself, after all) the ad recreates the death of the overworked and misunderstood character via the use of hungry horde of starving lunch goers, repeating the orders over and over again. Thankfully, Hodor doesn’t sacrifice himself to save a stupid brat, but it doesn’t still stop the hurt from his final moments. Please, can we get our popcorn chicken now? ☺ Read more...



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