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The Loop Vol. 1 No. 27
Sleep Number, British Airways, Lyft and more!


Don't Sleep on These Mattress Ads

Sleep Number's New Mattress Ads

What's on our radar this week? Sleep Number's new high-lariously relatable OOH ads. They introduce the Millennial-minded "It" bed, a mattress system where each side of the bed can be adjusted (firmer vs. softer, etc.) using your phone or tablet's Bluetooth technology. Aligning with the Millennial way of embracing freedom to explore new tastes and preferences at their whim, the company's calling it ‘the bed you can change as you change' (#THATSDEEP). Also catering to the typically short attention spans of this demographic, instead of showing the usual (boring) product demos, the ads feature characters in real situations where they're glad to have an adjustable bed; for example, for when you meet someone special - then unfortunately "unmeet" them - and for when that burrito baby strikes. Up against newer, cool mattress brands like Casper and Purple, who have also run notably quirky ad campaigns to attract young consumers, it's great to see Sleep Number - a company around since the late 1980's - prove willingness to take risks to reach this coveted cohort. And, with this level of creativity, all (open) eyes are now on them! SEE IT HERE >


Prepare For An In-flight Demonstration

British Airways In-flight Demonstration

Attention anyone who experiences pre-flight jitters: you might want to consider flying British Airways from now on. Following recent bad press surrounding many key players in the industry, the airline released a new safety video to put even the most nervous traveler at ease before take-off. Working with the charity Comic Relief and numerous celebs – such as Ian McKellen, Gillian Anderson and Mr. Bean - the advert was styled as a casting call. We see the slew of familiar faces put through their paces by the director, creating some of the best bloopers EVER. The effort showcases how a charity and brand can in fact work seamlessly together to produce a piece of light-hearted content with the potential to go viral on it's comedic merits alone. Plus, who doesn't want to watch Mr. Bean foul around? (But, no, not like that...) SEE IT HERE >



"Taco Mode" Has Lyft Drivers All Fired Up

Taco Mode Has Lyft Drivers All Fired Up

Lyft's new partnership with Taco Bell has their drivers steaming hotter than Diablo hot sauce. Last week they announced "Taco Mode" - an in-app feature where Lyft users can request their drivers make a mid-ride stop for tacos between the hours of 9pm and 2am. The pros here are that this marks the first-ever "ride-thru" experience within the ride-share market, and will be optional for drivers to participate in. However, backlash has far overshadowed the excitement. Qualms from drivers included the risk of messes left in their cars by notoriously sloppy Taco Bell tacos (especially those consumed after a night of partying), that there would be no additional compensation for participation, and the fares they stand to lose while waiting in the long lines that accumulate at drive-thru windows at that time of night (not to mention their risk of lower ratings from angry riders, should they choose to not participate). Thankfully, this was only one of 3 partnerships Lyft announced this week - the others with Amtrak and Disney - as they continue to team up with major players operating in spaces adjacent to their own. Still, this one might be the least thought out partnership we've come across in a while. SEE IT HERE >


The Slow Decline Of A Little Blue Bird

The Slow Decline Of Twitter

The slow-sinking ship that is Twitter has hit another iceberg on its ongoing voyage to regain relevance. Many thought they'd fixed holes in their metaphorical hull and had begun to see a rise in monthly active users quarter-over-quarter. But falling stock prices are to blame this time around, thanks to the lack of US-based growth. In fact, reports this week claim Twitter added zero new users last quarter. ZERO. This shouldn't spell the end for Twitter just yet, but it's definitely not great news as the platform also continues to experience drops in advertising spend. They'll be leaning hard on the hopeful success of their live video service launching soon, which could bring in huge revenue from sports and other entertainment sources. We certainly hope that famously blue little bird doesn't come crashing down to earth yet, but hey, at least they can rely on President Trump to keep them relevant for now... SEE IT HERE >



Quilted Northern Helps Crafty Brides Say "I Do-Do"

Quilted Northern Helps Crafty Brides Say I Do-Do

Now in its 13th year, the Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest tends to draw an eclectic crowd. Over 1,500 makers from across the US submitted their wedding dress creations for consideration this year, made entirely of toilet paper, glue, tape and thread, for the chance to showcase their masterpieces in NYC last month. The 10 lucky finalists did indeed put their craftsmanship skill (and what we assume are insane levels of patience) on display via fashion show before our winner - Kari Curleto of Las Vegas - was crowned our 2017 Queen of the porcelain throne. Quilted Northern sponsored this year's competition, wiping away longstanding sponsor Charmin, with the new, fitting strapline, "Crafted for Greatness". Now we wonder, will any of these lucky brides actually wear their creations down the runway? SEE IT HERE >


McSwag For Days (Well, One Day Only)

McDonald's McSwag For Days (Well, One Day Only)

Last month McDonald's rolled out its delivery service across the UK. If that wasn't enough of a treat already, to celebrate "Global McDelivery Day" on July 26th, the fast food giant gave out McSwag apparel to anyone who ordered that day. The food-patterned clothing line ranged from Big Mac onesies to French fry hoodies, and there's even a hamburger pillow (which we'd love to get our hands on)! To promote, the brand sent batches of the clothing to KOLs like Chrissy Teigen, who documented their (what seemed like truly organic) excitement for all of their social media fans around the world. If that didn't get your attention, we don't know what will. Since the McSwag was only available that one day, we'll wait with bated breath for McDonald's to inevitably announce the full range is available for purchase by the public. SEE IT HERE >



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