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The Loop Vol. 1 No. 30
Heinz, Cheetos, Peyton Manning and more!


Please Eat The Food Porn

Please Eat The Food Porn

Heinz is back in our Wins section, with a delicious experiment they ran via Instagram's Sponsored Stories this week. Partnering with Facebook's Creative Shop, they launched “Irresistible Posts” to bring people's food porn cravings to life; a 2-hour long campaign run in Sao Paulo, Brazil, using geo-targeted Stories ads to give away burgers prepared by local restaurants. All hungry consumers impacted by their local-sponsored stories needed to do was swipe up to “claim” the photo. Then, boxes designed like an Instagram post were hand-delivered to them, carrying fancy burgers - and, of course, a heap of yummy Heinz sauce. This might be our favorite example of a paid Instagram campaign yet because, after all, the best way to ‘like' a post is eating it. SEE IT HERE >


IKEA is killing the marketing game right now

IKEA is killing the marketing game right now

IKEA's proving they have what it takes to compete in today's world, by not just reacting to culture but by becoming a force shaping it. Last week the Swedish brand dropped two excellent pieces of content; the first capitalizing on some Game of Thrones wardrobe hype, and the second on the ASMR video trend. When a major GoT wardrobe spoiler dropped, that capes worn by members of the Night's Watch are actually IKEA Faux animal fur rugs, the brand quickly responded by decking out some of their staff for a primetime social post. They also drew up a step-by-step guide for how to make it at home, in classic IKEA furniture manual style - can anyone say Halloween 2017?! Captioned with #GameOfThrows, fans went wild – and the brand claims a 775% increase in online searches for the SKOLD rug as a result. Then, earlier in the week, thy launched a 25-minute Back-To-School ASMR video dubbed “the most satisfying way to shop for furniture”. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, that tingling sensation that runs up your spine triggered by specific acoustic, visual and digital media stimuli – and there are even entire YouTube channels and Subreddits dedicated to this type of content. In IKEA's college student-targeted ad, you hear every sound and feel every sensation, in what seems like hyper-magnification - but with sound. Check it out, and thank us later! SEE IT HERE >



Don't Dodge This Backlash

Don't Dodge This Backlash

What on earth were they thinking?! Or, perhaps they weren't... Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' brand Dodge had been promoting a series of drag races they sponsor in Detroit, posting on social media with the hashtag #RoadkillNights. Up until Tuesday afternoon, the last 4 posts on their Twitter account used the hashtag. That same day, a man driving a Dodge Charger mowed down a group of counter protesters at a white nationalist and supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing one and injuring at least 19 others. You'd think the brand's social media manager would immediately make the connection and at the very least remove the posts. Well, it took the brand several mind-blowing hours to act. Many are justly criticizing the brand for simply removing the posts, and not making a larger statement about the fact that one of their cars was used in such a horrific and violent act. While we're sure a whole new team is being assembled on their end to handle Dodge's PR and social efforts moving forward, we patiently await how they attempt to salvage their reputation from this. SEE IT HERE >


An Unfortunate Lucky Dip...

An Unfortunate Lucky Dip

Trolls will troll! And this week The National Lottery in the UK learned this lesson firsthand with their #Represent campaign. The digital initiative encouraged users to leave messages of support for the British Athletics team, then digitally superimposed supporters' names onto boards seen held by athletes. As expected, many of the names submitted (and surprisingly passed by moderators) were of infamous and less-than-favorable people - such as Stalin, serial killer Fred West, convicted criminal Josef Fritzlin and of course many offensive phrases. Similarly with past hijacked campaigns, The National Lottery was forced to apologize for this oversight, then proceeded to crawl into a corner for a nice little cry. This is why we can't have nice things, people! SEE IT HERE >



Cheetos' Cheesy Cheetah Café & Cookbook

Cheetos' Cheesy Cheetah Café & Cookbook

Is this real life, or just fanta-cheese? (so sorry for that...) This week Cheetos, maker of the popular orange-coated snack we all love to hate, announced a new pop-up restaurant in New York City called The Spotted Cheetah. Snack lovers the world over will descend en-masse to try an entire menu of Cheetos-themed concoctions, from “dangerously cheesy meatballs” to “flamin' hot and white cheddar mac n' Cheetos”, all created with the help of celebrity chef Anne Burrell. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it's fully booked by now. But hope is not lost! We've linked you to where you can access the free, downloadable e-cookbook on mascot Chester's website, with all the heart attack-inducing recipes your heart still weirdly desires. SEE IT HERE >


New Otterbox ads are Otterly Ridiculous

New Otterbox ads are Otterly Ridiculous

While Otterbox protects Peyton Manning's phone, they should really be protecting his reputation! In this new ad from the smartphone and tablet protective case brand, we see former famed NFL Quarterback Manning riding on the back of a giant otter (read, man in otter suit) through the wilderness. The series of 3 ads are meant to show us that Otterbox is here to protect your devices at all costs – but all we get from this is ...HUH? As with many of our weird video reviews, you'll just have to watch and see for yourself. SEE IT HERE >



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