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The Loop Vol. 1 No. 31
President Trump, Facebook, Kind and more!


Just a Spoonful (or 45,485 lbs) of Sugar

Just a Spoonful (or 45,485 lbs) of Sugar

Healthy snack brand Kind dumped 45,485 pounds of sugar in NYC's Time Square yesterday, visualizing how much added sugar children in the U.S. eat every five minutes - more than 3x the recommended limit. The captivating OOH installation, which included sculptures of children apparently also made out of sugar, doubled as a promotion and sampling opportunity for the brand's new no-sugar-added children's snack, Kind Fruit Bites. Though the stunt only lasted for one day, it will surely leave a lasting impression and serve as an example for our brands exploring more socially-conscious marketing efforts. You can still check it out through Kind's YouTube channel, and 360-degree video hosted on their Facebook page (best viewed on mobile). SEE IT HERE >


#HappyBirthday, #Hashtag

#HappyBirthday, #Hashtag

Three cheers for the champion of Twitter, companion of Instagram and unsung hero of social media, the hashtag! Since its humble beginnings, the symbol has helped highlight brands, causes, news, and events, making it something we couldn't live without in this digital age. Over the last decade, many of the most memorable campaigns have relied heavily on a hashtag - such as Coca-Cola's #ShareACoke campaign, which became the first ever branded hashtag with attached emoji, garnering over 169,000 mentions and 620 million impressions. Where would we be without the famous #NuggsForCarter or #BoatyMcBoatFace? A dark place, that's where. Without this symbol and text combo in our lives, simply following online conversations would be nearly impossible, metrics would be a nightmare to track and many good causes ignored. So for all of this, dear hashtag, we send a heart-felt #HatTip your way. SEE IT HERE >



Facebook is losing teen users to Instagram and Snapchat

Facebook is losing teen users to Instagram and Snapchat

Is Facebook losing its edge with the kids of today? A recent UK study found that teenagers are leaving the social platform in droves, as they now consider it to be "lame", while more image-focused platforms like Instagram and Snapchat stay lit. Snapchat specifically is on the rise amongst teens, as any of us with young family members know all too well, with 21% of UK youngsters using the platform. Additionally, in the US, marketing research shows reduced usage estimates for US monthly Facebook users aged 12 to 17 and 18 to 24. Despite this, Facebook continues to increase its annual revenue to $9.3bn, reportedly fueled by mobile growth. So, when targeting a younger audience, we should be increasingly considering Instagram and Snapchat at the forefront - of course not forgetting the power of Facebook to reach older audiences. SEE IT HERE >


Trump to Sun: "YOU ARE FAKE NEWS."

Trump to Sun: YOU ARE FAKE NEWS.

No, not UK gossip mag The Sun, but that big ball of light in the sky powering all of humankind the actual Sun. Despite warnings from around the globe, our US Commander in Chief gazed and pointed towards Monday's eclipse without the protection of sun-viewing glasses. He apparently did start out with the glasses on, but ended up removing them for unknown reasons. Because advice from NASA scientists should always be taken with a grain of salt, am I right? We kid, we kid... PS. Have you given an Insta 'like' to how DVG NYC viewed this cosmic event in (protected) style? Well, here's your chance! SEE IT HERE >



Tay Tay, Where'd Ya Go?

Tay Tay, Where'd Ya Go?

The Internet was aflutter with speculation this week, following the mysterious wiping of our girl Taylor "TayTay" Swift's social media channels. Last Friday we woke to find the star's Instagram, Twitter & Facebook pages were Blank Spaces, with all of her posts removed - including her profile pictures. Rumors swirled - was this all a publicity stunt for her sixth album? OR her dramatic exit strategy from showbiz altogether? (#YeahRight) Our answer finally came on Monday, when a mysterious video appeared showing a snake sneaking about. A mere 24-hours later, another snake video appeared and then BOOM, we got our answer. It was in fact an announcement of her next album, titled "Reputation", that's dropping this November. It was a weird ride, but we like your style, TayTay - and there's certainly no Bad Blood between us, especially as this announcement is beyond our Wildest Dreams. SEE IT HERE >


Chiquita's Gone Bananas

Chiquita's Gone Bananas

There's nothing we can do, a total eclipse of their sanity... #BelindaForever. Yes, Chiquita, the partial eclipse resembles a banana if you're REALLY straining your imagination. But this is (IMO) a pretty wack attempt at forcing relevance between your brand and this cosmic event. The "don't look directly at it" part of the video is pretty funny; we'll give you that. But, all in all, this Banana Sun business is just plain silly! SEE IT HERE >



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