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The Loop Vol. 3 No. 3
Featuring American Eagle, Apple FaceTime & Ted Bundy!




US clothing brand American Eagle debuted a first-of-its-kind marketing campaign this month. It was shot, styled and creatively directed by ten real and authentic Gen-Z'ers, found via the #AExME hashtag. The scenes were shot in their personal environments via iPhones, disposable and medium format film cameras, with the final images remaining unedited. Today's consumers, especially the younger cohort, are more attuned to marketing ploys and the smoke and mirrors that brands use to sell them things. They call out any brand for inauthenticity and expect their views to be heard. So this campaign is a fantastic example of a brand putting their audience front and center, proving they understand their needs and values. It's a bold move from American Eagle to not only put their fans in their ads, but to let them take the reins on the creation, and we think a signal of the way brand-consumer relationships are evolving to be truly mutually beneficial. READ MORE >

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Apple Facetime Bug

Apple proudly displayed a billboard at CES this year boasting ‘What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone'. But, in the days that followed, the old proverb ‘pride comes before a fall' rang true for the Cupertino giant, once someone discovered a bug in their Facetime app. In a nutshell, it allowed callers using the Group chat feature to listen to the other side's audio before the call had even started, without them even knowing. That's some spy-level snooping that Apple said they'll address in a software update “later this week”. OK sure, guys, no rush whatsoever… As security is a huge pressure point for tech companies, all are vying to prove that they are respectful of your data and your privacy. So now Apple's left with egg on their face, as they have disabled Group FaceTime until they can fix the issue. READ MORE >

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KFC offered consumers free bowl cuts

We're all for brands setting world records. They're a great way to generate excitement, show commitment and set yourself apart. Must be why Tostitos announced that, as one of many initiatives they're activating around the NFL season and Super Bowl, they're about to make an *unofficial* world record. #TostitosLiveBowl, which the brand calls "the most epic pregame entertainment possible”, will be a 53-hour Super Bowl livestream of – you guessed – a tortilla chip bowl. 53 hours. There's so much one can accomplish in 53 hours – and this is now among the weirdest. But it's a novel idea, one that's literally representative of their brand – not to mention the cost of this stunt compared to the going rate of a mid-game commercial (at $5 million per 30 seconds) is certainly more budget friendly. But will anyone tune into Tostitos' live stream, amidst all of their actual real life pregaming and party planning? We'll just have to wait and see. READ MORE >

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