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Benefit Cosmetics Curl's Best Friend

Solidifying Category Leadership with Launch of New Product

The Challenge

Benefit already boasted UK's number one mascara. The new Roller Lash launch had to be just as successful, without cannibalising its own market share.

Our Approach

Modern women love exploring different looks. Roller Lash, inspired by hair rollers, has super-curling and lifting properties for a sexy, wide-eyed look that epitomises femininity. ‎ Curl's Best Friend, a touring pop-up beauty parlour and bar (yes, a real bar!) put the product front and center and celebrated the launch with irreverent playfulness. At nightfall, the unexpected Noir Bar opened, showcasing a darker, bolder side for Benefit’s They're Real! Mascara.

We challenged DeVries SLAM to create a PR idea for one of our biggest product launches that could be translated into different marketing disciplines. They did just that with Curl’s Best Friend. Not only did we excite influencers but our sales team was also so behind the product that sales went higher that we could have ever anticipated. The campaign has been celebrated internally as the best product launch that Benefit has ever done.
Hannah Webley-Smith
Marketing Director at Benefit, UK & ROI
#1 & #2
sellers in first month after new product launch

The Results

Roller Lash made waves: it was the number one selling Mascara (selling 93,600 units) in the first month of launch with They’re Real! claiming the number two spot. Curl’s Best Friend has set the new gold standard for all of Benefit’s marketing efforts – a Brand Imprint to be beat!