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Forging a Strategic Partnership to Launch a New Product in a New Category

The Challenge

The introduction of The SWASH System, an at-home laundry technology device, presented a unique challenge to the two companies behind its launch. Not only did they have a new product to introduce to the marketplace, they were also tasked with establishing an entirely new product category.

Our Approach

Pre-launch influencer seeding helped ignite early adopters while bursts of hyper-targeted media outreach featuring a major fashion label partner generated energy, excitement and demand for SWASH. Combined with testimonials and carefully staged demos from a celebrity stylist, SWASH was injected into denim-focused conversations making the product highly relevant for target consumers.

The Swash is a new category of appliance that wants to help you freshen your delicate clothing at home.
Becky Worley
GMA/ABC news
81 %
growth in Instagram followers in one month
3600 M
media impressions in three months
15 %
growth in Twitter followers in one month

The Results

In a one-month period, SWASH Instagram followers grew over 80%, Twitter followers grew 15% and pre-sale orders at a leading retailer doubled expectations.  Within the first three months, SWASH made a strong Brand Imprint with earned media gaining over 3.6 billion impressions!