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Evolving From a Product to a Lifestyle Brand

The Challenge

To maintain relevance in today’s anti-smoking environment, Zippo hoped to transform from a lighter brand to a lifestyle brand. The family-owned business also needed to create a global brand footprint.

Our Approach

For generations, Zippo has been more than a lighter – it’s a cultural icon and enduring piece of Americana. Social listening told us that every Zippo tells a story so we crafted a platform of moments to share them. From the iconic ‘Encore’ at concert gigs to tales of the great outdoors, Zippo has shed light on rites of passage for millennials across the globe.

Over the past seven years, DeVries and Zippo have worked together in 20 global markets. DeVries is a valued partner and an integrated member of our marketing team. We rely on their leadership, strategic counsel and creativity. Their stewardship is top notch. They fulfill every ambition you have for your client-agency relationship.
David Warfel
SVP, Global Marketing
19 %
rise in global sales

The Results

As lead marketing agency, our work has led to a 19% rise in global sales, with a new generation taking Zippo to heart.