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The Loop Vol. 1 No. 24
KFC, McDonald's, Esteé Lauder and more!


He did say he doesn't always drink beer...

Astral tequila

Well it turns out the Most Interesting Man in the World's drink of choice is actually Astral Tequila - or so we're told, in their new teaser featuring the former Dos Equis frontman. In a press release, the tequila brand stated: "We've always wondered what pop culture icon Jonathan Goldsmith really drinks. The answer is Astral Tequila." Genius. The :15-second spot feels eerily similar to the ads in which he formerly starred, ads that were arguably part of one of the most recognizable campaigns of the last 5 years. And Dos Equis already released a statement, claiming no bad will towards Mr. Goldsmith. But we're not ruling out legal action just yet... It's not the first time a brand frontman has swapped teams - remember when Verizon's "Can you hear me now?" guy switched over to Sprint? #TRAITOR. What's even more interesting here is that Dos Equis had just dropped the agency responsible for creating their famed campaign (and the decision to drop Jonathan in favor of a younger man in the role). So we say, stay thirsty, artist formerly known as Most Interesting Man in the World. Go get that tequila $$! #ShotsFired Read more...


Introducing, McSnapchat

mcdonald's snapchat

McDonald's Australia has stepped into uncharted territory with a social media first; Snapchat job applications. Macca's (as the Aussies say) worked with Snapchat to create ‘Snaplications', using a one-of-a-kind Snapchat Lens that allowed users to apply for a job via quick 10-second snaps including an augmented uniform and name badge. The brand has taken this unprecedented step as they've had trouble encouraging millennial talent to join their ranks, but using Snapchat they were able to reach the 4 million daily users in Australia of which 60% are aged 18-34 years old. Tapping into the reach of the platform allowed the brand to target these key users they were trying to attract, and help bolster their workforce as well as the success of the campaign. Calling it now – Mickey D's will be launching this in the US soon, just you watch. It's safe to say we're Ba Da Ba Ba Bah, Lovin' it! Read more...



Can Esteé make-up for this?

Estee Lauder Kendall Jenner

Apparently not everything Kardashians touch turns to sold... Just yesterday Esteé Lauder announced they will be discontinuing their millennial-targeted line fronted by Kendall Jenner, which launched just 16 months ago. Coincidence or not, the announcement landed the same day Kim Kardashain announced she's creating a beauty brand of her very own called KKW Beauty, launching later this month. Commentary surrounding the failure of the Esteé line suggests they simply didn't take enough advantage of the Kardashian brand - which is funny, considering Kendall's crystal clear willingness to over-expose herself. We all remember the announcement of the partnership – DVG offices were quite abuzz on that day, I remember it well! But the excitement surely fizzled out, and now missed opportunity is all that's left for the Esteé and Kendall partnership. Read on for a deep dive of what went wrong! Read more...



Instagram social media image

This week's "fail crown" goes to VK, a UK-based alcopop (mixed drink) whose recent Facebook advert was banned by advertising watchdog, the ASA. The UK has strict laws around advertising and booze, making it easy to breach the CAP code – especially if your brand's key customer is between the ages of 18-25, as is the case with VK. The complaint itself centered on the brand featuring people who looked under the age of 25 partying the night away, with the advert said to encourage "binge-culture" and "downing drinks". This was all too much for the ASA who took action and slapped the booze brand on the wrist, before VK pulled the ad altogether. Read more...



One Small Bite For KFC, One Giant Chomp For Chicken Sandwich-kind

Minions social media image

Remember way back in Loop Vol. 17 when we mentioned KFC would be launching an unlikely astronaut into space? Well that day has finally come, and The Zinger has begun the extensive testing and training needed to ensure it survives the harsh conditions of outer space. In their new 40-second ad, KFC puts the sandwich through several tests a human astronaut would endure, including placing it in an altitude chamber (which it passed with flying colors). Sounds like the Zinger 1 Mission is a GO! On another note... hey, KFC, we're still awaiting our free chicken fo' life! #GiveTheLoopPopcornChicken Read more...


Don't have a cow...wait, actually yes please do

Free beer for all social media image

"Life-sized udder"? More like life-sized shudder... This week UK chocolatier Cadbury Daily Milk brought an animatronic cow to Southbank, to support their on-pack promotion offering families the chance to adopt one of 20 cows from its Bristol farm. The company claims the cow, complete with fully swishing tail, is meant to showcase the many different personalities our bovine friends can have, as many of us city-dwellers have (thankfully) never had enough exposure to learn that for ourselves. We 1000% support pet adoption and encourage it on all fronts – just perhaps not in this case - at least not if you live in a 5th floor walk-up... Read more...



Instagram’s changing how celebrities and influencers can disclose branded posts

Facebook has improved Safety Check Feature to included status updates and fundraisers.

Twitter DM buttons let brands help (or sell to) users