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DVG @ Cannes Lions 2017

Live from the annual celebration of creativity, Cannes Lions 2017, DeVries Global's roving on-site reporters, are seeing an emerging theme they've coined:

"Open Source Reality"

"Open Source Reality" is shaping a redefined approach to achieving "real" connections with audiences; where the rules and roles of people, technology and reality, are fluid. With this fluidity, we are seeing stories that are inspired, sourced, created and delivered in an increasingly outsourced and collaborative way. Where a "real story" is not as it appears at first and then surprises its audience to speak from an authentic, genuine place. Where engineering collaborates with creativity in channels and delivery, to amplify audience engagement and the compelling story.


Like My Addiction

Cannes Lions 2017

Here is the perfect Instagrammer: Louise Delage. For two months, Louise posts pictures of her glamorous and fun life: by the pool, traveling, and nights out with friends. She builds an organic following of 110,000 and becomes a nationwide sensation. Even after seeing her posting 149 photos and videos though, her loyal followers miss one crucial point: the presence of alcohol in each and every picture. So here is the truth: it's easy to miss the addiction of someone close to you, for real. Click to view video...


Pass The Heinz

Cannes Lions 2017

What could be more creative than recruiting fictional Don Draper as a real agency copywriter and executing his Heinz Campaign straight from the episodes of from Mad Men?


Spanish Lesson

Cannes Lions 2017

See what happens when a fictional character from Netflix's Narcos takes on the role of Spanish teacher better than any you had in school. People love it and ask for ¡mas, mas, mas! Click to view video...


A Love Song Written By A Murderer

Cannes Lions 2017

This campaign seduces its audience with the dulcet tunes of a forlorn lover singing to win a lover back. Reality is twisted and exposed, when the tune's scribe is revealed as a convicted wife abuser. Furthermore, once the wife abuser gets back together with his wife, he murders her. A reality, reframed in a powerful way. Click to view video...



Cannes Lions 2017

Creativity and engineering have traditionally not mixed company very often. The folks at MIT media lab are intent on breaking down the walls that divide art and science using one to redefine what is possible with the other. Just like the right and left brain must work in concert, so must artistry and technology. An artist and CEO of Artmatr, Benjamin Tritt is using alogorithmic enhancement to images and products to rewrite the rules of how art is produced without sacrificing the emotional connection to it. Read more...