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The Loop Vol. 1 No. 25
Instagram, Barbie, adidas and more!


Instagram Stories Hits 250M Daily Users

Instagram Stories Hits 250M Daily Users

Way back in August of last year Instagram launched Stories, which was essentially a clone of rival Snapchat in almost every way. Since then the platform has gone from strength to strength by adding new features and filters, and now they've hit Snapchat where it hurts; their daily active users. Instagram Stories now have over 250 million of them, which is 50% more than Snapchat's 166 million daily users. Instagram's success has been attributed to them having wider appeal to both young and older users, rather than Snapchats myopic focus on millennials. This news once again highlights the immense power of Facebook – though, with media brands like Time Warner still investing heavily in Snapchat, when it comes to determining who will take the social media crown, it's clearly a marathon and not a sprint. Read more...


Reebok's runaway success with influencer reviews

Reebok's runaway success with influencer reviews

Reebok's winning the competitive running category right now, largely thanks to a smart influencer marketing strategy. Knowing that consumers increasingly trust third party reviews – especially when it comes to product performance – the brand went all-in on influencer marketing for the launch of their Floatride running shoes (which, at $150 a pair, are one of their most expensive offerings). But they didn't just ask celebs or big-following creators to hawk the product. Instead, they engaged Experticity, a retail-marketing firm, to get the sneakers into the hands of about 1,200 running-specific influencers, including instructors and sneaker salespeople, to try them for free. They then collected reviews through Bazaarvoice before the product launch. Not only did they not pay extra for the product reviews (the only compensation was free sneakers) but, the day Reebok officially introduced Floatride, the sneaker had already amassed over 600 product reviews on its website! Key takeaway: targeted micro-influencers and product reviews are a highly effective way to reach and build credibility among your target - and it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, either! Read more...



Welcome to the Museum of Failure

Welcome to the Museum of Failure

Heading to Sweden before early September? If so, you'll want to visit Helsingborg's latest attraction: The Museum of Failure. Here they pay tribute to the world's famous - some infamous - and interesting innovation failures, from Sony Betamax to Harley-Davidson eau-du-toilette. Take a trip down memory lane and consider what could have been (and what should never have in the first place - looking at you, Heinz 'Green Sauce' ketchup). And good news, NYC; it appears a pop-up exhibit will be heading our way in September 2018! This fail was built on so many flops it really should just be considered a win... #RIPBlockbuster Read more...


Dethroning a King, a Latin King

Dethroning a King, a Latin King

Spotify's latest ad has crowned a new monarch, albeit briefly. The new king of Latin music is none other than Justin “The Beibs” Bieber, thanks to his involvement on Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's Despacito remix. Unfortunately for the fresh king of Latin music, he was quickly dethroned as music fans disputed Spotify's claim. The move aggravated many, as the assumedly tongue-in-cheek ad was seen as culturally insensitive, resulting in its removal. Another reason many had their pitchforks out was the fact that, although Beibs features on the song, he barely knows the words! Actually, during a recent live set in Sao Paulo, he rhymed the words Dorito and Burrito on repeat (and, if you haven't seen it, go NOW). Either way, it's safe to say Spotify won't be appointing him as king of anything else anytime soon. Read more...



Mattel...Ken you just not?

Mattel...Ken you just not?

Just when you thought the age of the man bun was over, THIS. You probably heard that Mattel announced they're launching a new line of 15 modernized Ken dolls, their “most diverse line yet”. They'll all sport different looks and body types, including one with Dadbod (not joking) and even one with a man bun (still not joking). A. MAN. BUN. Hello, 2013, nice to see you again. We're all for diversity, don't get us wrong; we're thrilled to see more realistic body representation here than ever before, following their similar move with Barbie last year. But we just can't take top-knot Ken seriously! #WheresHisCronut Read more...


No More Borders!

Free beer for all social media image

The UK is facing uncertain times with Brexit looming overhead, with many people questioning how it will impact their relationship with the EU and borders. Step in Three, the UK-based mobile phone company who has taken this opportunity to promote their 'Feel At Home' offering, which allows customers to use their phone in 60 different countries at no extra cost. In the video, the mobile giant recruited comedian Joe Wilkinson as the most unusual news anchor who pokes fun at the geopolitics of human borders by celebrating the freedom to roam that's enjoyed by the animal kingdom (and, if you need even more encouragement to view it, just know it features an otter). Read more...



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