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The Loop Vol. 2 No. 2
Featuring Virgin Holidays and Party City!


Check In, Then Check Out The Beach

virgin holidays checkout beach

You know what stinks? Airport departure lounges. In them we face flight delays, uncomfortable seats and fast food, making your hours in wait feel like days. Now Virgin Holidays wants to help you to reclaim this ‘lost day’ spent at the airport. Launching in Barbados during the summer of 2018, tourists will be picked up from their hotel, have their baggage checked, then be taken back to the beach. As they sun themselves, visitors will receive their boarding pass and a locker for storing hand luggage. You’ll also receive unlimited refreshments, towels and a shower facility. All this for the cool low price of £15. Thanks to Virgin’s experience innovation, we’re one step closer to truly living the ‘Life’s a Beach’ lifestyle. SEE IT HERE >



Gluten-free? GROSS.

party city superbowl ad

Party City’s Super Bowl-themed ad hit airwaves this week - but was pulled, for “unintentionally” offending the gluten-free crowd. It featured two women, including Food Network star Sunny Anderson, at a Super Bowl party engaged in an enthralling discussion about the snack table. One notes the gluten-free options, brought in for their gluten-sensitive friend Tina, to which the other replies, “Oh, gross”. !!!. How very gross of you, Party City! Tina is (probably) a lovely woman. From the ad, many related to Tina’s plight and voiced their opinions using #IAmTina on social. This led to apologies from the brand, as well as their ad agency Hill Holiday. Lessons learned: when your brand throws a party, better make sure everyone’s invited. SEE IT HERE >



It’s Always Chocolately At The Superbowl

M&Ms Superbowl Commercial

An ad campaign that comes straight from the bizarre world of Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Danny DeVito swimming in swimming pool of chocolate. In M&M’s first Super Bowl ad in three years, the brand decided that a bespectacled DeVito in a red M&M costume chilling in a pool of chocolate was their best bet. We’re not sure why or how this came about, but we’re happy it did, because it’s downright bizarre - and we love bizarre! Though this is only a teaser, with a full-length ad running during Super Bowl LII on February 4th, if the final version doesn’t contain more DeVito coated in chocolate we’ll be incredibly disappointed. SEE IT HERE >